Be a better listener

One of the ongoing dilemma’s that men and women face is being able to effectively communicate with one another. It seems like both want the other to see things from their perspective and they’re clueless as to how they can’t. Well, that all changes now according to Oxford Circus Escorts.

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Men of the world, hear my tips on how to communicate with women. To know is to understand, and what you have to understand here is that being a great listener is one of the most important things that you can be. Have you ever been in a situation where the girl that you’re with erupts out of nowhere and begins to go off about all the things that you’ve done wrong?

And as a logical and understanding person your first assumption is damn, this is one crazy bitch. So you go about picking apart each word in her sentence to explain your actions to her. If she’s angry about a situation why wouldn’t she want you to explain how your actions are justified and how she’s overreacting and just needs to calm down? This is called not listening.

The great majority of times the girl is expressing how she feels and what she’s looking for is comfort. Trying to always “solve” her problem makes her feel like you don’t think that she can’t handle it on her own or that you’re just trying to say whatever you can just to end it. The next time you encounter a situation like this, try to solve it this way according to Oxford Circus Escorts.

When you feel like she’s spun out of control, stop what you’re doing, pull her aside, look her in the eyes and just listen. It is so important to let her know that she is respected, validated and understood. Your job as her significant other is to make her feel appreciated and I can guarantee that if you do that, her mood will change. Because when it all comes down to it, it’s not about changing her mind, it’s about changing her mood.

It’s our male ego and pride that always make us feel like we need to control a situation and in controlling the situation we treat it as if it was a bomb we’re trying to diffuse. We go reaching over the wires trying to find the right one and hoping for the best that we don’t make a mistake. Well there’s no magic wire or phrase that you could say to make the girl stop feeling what she’s feeling. What we end up doing is saying that her behavior is immature or unnecessary.

My dude, if you don’t want to deal with it and feel that it’s too much, well the door is right there. But if the girl is someone worth caring about, don’t antagonize her by acting careless. When you come off like you don’t give two shits about how the girl is feeling, uh, that is the ultimate dagger in the heart. If she wants you to put her coat on for her when she leaves and you don’t, she’s gonna feel like you’re not willing to provide her with what she needs.

If she spends hours getting ready just to go out with you and you don’t appreciate that, she’s gonna feel unwanted. If you find yourself in a place where you’re both angry, well, be a man, do the right thing. Take charge and diffuse the situation properly. Stop overlooking the real reason and know that that’s what she needs to feel ok.