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I thought I have all in life and think I am happy. I can afford everything, and have them in a minute. I don’t care how many people hated me because of how I deal with them. For me, money is good enough for them to shut up.

I got all these things because of my hard work, and I always believe in me. I still believe everything I can do, and no one will surpass me. I just want to have a comfortable life, to do everything I like and make things possible. But I always feel a lack in myself. I know I am living my dreams, but it is always not enough. Maybe because it is hard for me to forgive, and still have not moved on from a painful past. I don’t have any friends, distance from my family and hated any commitments. I have changed because I feel like people being so abusive and took me for granted.

I got a hatred from my family, who abandon me and leave me. And now they will suddenly show up and ask for help. I don’t have any mercy for them even though my mom battling cancer. She told me she has no one with her anymore; he lived in a partner leave her because she is useless now and added a headache to him. She has asked for forgiveness many times and sorry for her actions. But the damage has been done, and no matter how I tried myself to forgive her, I can’t give her what she wants. Nobody had loved me when I asked for love before. I beg her not to go away because I am afraid of the dark and being alone. But she left me crying and joined her partner. I am so sad, spent many days alone and cried because of fear but no one hears me. I go on a day without food and strive hard to earn money. She does not show up on those days of my life.

My girlfriend also did the same thing, Kimmy is the only woman I trusted before. I met her at our school where I was granted a scholarship. Both of us are a scholar and have the same dreams in life. Just like me, she has also hatred for her parents and wants to get away from them. We promise to be together to each other through thick and thin. Right after our graduation, we part ways to work. Later on, she broke up with me because she is not happy with me anymore.

I am so devastated about my life. Until I knew about Eton Escorts from, booking them made me feel safe and secure. When I am with Eton Escorts, I don’t need to worry a lot and be happy. I always book Eton Escorts in the middle of the boring night