Do men annoy you?

Since I have worked for London escorts or been a Sugar Babe in London, I have always found that there are certain things about men who really annoy me. My latest Sugar Dadddy expects me to be his PA as well as his Sugar Babe which was kind of a role I had not expected to take on. He has this terrible habit of wanting me to check his email account and help him to reply to a string an endless string of messages. Really it is not what we signed up for at all.


Are some of the men I date at London escorts annoying? What annoys me more than anything is when a man turns u late for a date. Many men  presume that they are your only date for the day. Some girls may only have one date per day, but fortunately it is not me. I am very busy when it comes to work, and I like things to run smoothly. Life can quickly become very stressful when things go wrong and gents turn up late for dates.


Other things annoy me about men as well. Over the last two years, I have had various Sugar Daddies. Unlike London escorts, you often get a chance to get to your Sugar Daddies very well, and you realise that many men are in fact just lazy. A woman working from home would probably try to multi task as much as possible. From what I have seen, men have this ability to get stuck in front of the TV. Even some of the male London escorts that I know say that they get stuck in front of the TV, and forget about what they should be doing.


Have you ever tried to help a man with weight loss? One of my Sugar Daddies who I met at London escorts is really overweight and needs to lose weight badly. At first I thought that he was having a really hard time, but then I found out that he was drinking pints with his friends. Well, pints of beer is not going to help any body to lose weight. I have exactly the same situation going on with one of my London escorts dates. He knows he needs to lose weight, but he cant’ stop stuffing cream cakes. Just another thing that annoys me about men. They really do have a lack of discipline.


Mind you, there are some good things about men. In general though, I do think that there are a lot of women out there who get annoyed by men. It does not only happen to London escorts. In fact, I am pretty sure that it happens to women the world over. It would not surprise me if we all get annoyed by the same things as well. I think that we do, and if all of the women of the world got together, I am sure that we would arrive at the same top ten list of problems. Men may be lovable, but they can at times be a pain in the butt as well…