Finchley escorts are the best

I have always enjoyed dating escorts, Alan tells the Better Sex Guide with a big smile on his face, and just like so many other gents< I have my personal escorts agency which I think is better than others. For the last two years, I have been dating the bot babes at Finchley escorts and loved every minute of it. If, I were to select a dream agency, or the best London agency, it would just have to be the hot babes of Finchley. They are my favorite girls and my top dates, and I would be happy to recommend the agency to any gent in London.

hottest babes in town are here for you
hottest babes in town are here for you

Most gents may just date a couple of times per month, but I date more often than that. Finchley escorts are not only the sexiest escorts in London, they also offer some of the best hourly rates. That gives me a chance to date more than the average gents, and I have to admit that I just love it. The fact that you can date a couple of times per week without breaking the bank makes all the difference to me, and I have to say that I think it is much better this way. I am sure that many other agencies around London would like to enjoy the same amount of business.

The agency offers some fantastic looking females, and I have dated some awesome girls. At the moment I am really into dating blondes, but I date brunettes as well, says Alan. The brunettes at the agency are really nice ladies, and I have to say that they turn me on. Before, I started to date Finchley escorts, I was never really turned on by brunettes, but now I certainly am. However, at the moment I am going through a bit of a blonde phase.

Finchley escorts are not only local girls many of them come from countries such as Poland and Hungary, and that makes dating even more fun. Many of the girls from places like Poland and Hungary seem to be a bit more broadminded, and that is what I really like. English born escorts used to be like that but for some reason they seem to have changed. Now, most English born escorts are just working, or want to be, elite escorts. To be honest, I am sure that they are good at their jobs but I prefer my hot babes of Finchley.

There are a lot of escorts agencies in London, and it seems that it is one of the capital’s most popular business concepts. I know that there are other agencies that I could try, but I have really fallen in love with my Finchley escorts. To me, Finchley girls are the dream babes. Needless to say, all of the sexy vixens that I date, fulfill all of my fantasies and I am not going to change my agency while the going is as good as it is. Finchely girls are so much more than my dream girls.

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