I think that I have tried everything when it comes to dating.



So far, I have not been able to find love on any of the quality dating sites. As a matter of fact, I think that most dating sites are a big “con” and I would not encourage anybody to go down that route. Rather a few of the girls here at London escorts sexy companionship have tried them, and none of the girls have been able to start a meaningful relationship. One of the girls here at London escorts thinks that dating sites are just full of fake profiles and that is it.


Dating sites is one option you have when you are free and single. You can also go off and join some of the societies and clubs that meet on regular basis around London. At one stage, I thought that my problem was that I could not find a like minded person, so I joined a walking club in London. It was okay, but most people there were a bit snobbish. I never told them that I worked for London escorts, and on top of that, I felt that the club’s activities interfered too much with my work for London escorts. It was a bit of non starter.


Going out clubbing with the rest of the girls from the most fantastic London escorts was another one of my ideas. At first, I thought that it would pay off as I met loads of different guys. I think that I handed out my phone number at least ten times per night, but I did not manage to meet a quality person. Most of them seemed to be interested in just one night stands, and that was for me. Sure, some of the girls here at London escorts are really into that, but that is not for me at all.


Now I am spending lots of time on my own. It is hard to get together with a decent guy when you work for London escorts. Some guys just want to date you because you work for London escorts, and other guys don’t want to know you because you are part of a London escorts service. It is really hard to know how to manage a relationship when you are in that sort of situation. In general, I think that there are very few London escorts who have good relationships.


What is the future for me? I think that I will put relationships on the back burner until I have left London escorts. It is next to impossible at the moment. The working schedule at the escort agency does not help. I do an awful lot of nights, and that is tough on me. Would it work out for a relationship? I am not sure about that at all. Still, like I say to my friends, I have got a lot out of working for the agency. Few girls in London my age have got their own apartment and stuff. Perhaps I am not that unlucky after all…