Sex Positions

I am sure many of the sexy fellas I date at  charlotte London escorts, think I am some sort of expert when it comes to sex positions. They are always asking me to recommend a sex position. Sex positions are so individual like I keep telling my gents at London escorts. There are some sex positions which work great for some people, and then there are others who do not enjoy the same positions at all. Like I keep saying, it is a matter of finding one that suits you needs.

Also, it depends on what the other partner’s needs are at the time. If your sole focus is one bringing your partner to orgasm as quickly as possible, it is vital you use the position which works for you. No matter what I say to my charlotte London escorts clients, it seems many of them still forget about their partner’s satisfaction. Perhaps your partner does like to come quickly. Well, in that case, the answer is obvious, you should focus on a position which allows your partner to climax slowly. Many of the gents I date at London escorts do think that everything is about a quick climax for women, but that is not true at all.

Do you ask your partner what is his or hers favourite sex position? Most of the time, I am sure the gents at London escorts have never spoken to their partners about the favorite sex position. It seems a little bit strange to me, but apart from the chat about safe sex, it is one of the most important points we should bring up. I ask my boyfriends all of the time, and I cannot see why my gents at London escorts, are reluctant to ask their partners about their favorite sex position.

Above all, it is important to realise you may not be happy to keep the same position all of the time. For instance, the woman may need to be on top to come, and the gent may only be able to come when you are doing doggie style. Some of the gents I date at London escorts, do confess to forgetting to change positions. From what I understand, they all get really carried away and everything they know about good sex, goes out of the window.

If you would like to have really good sex with your partner, it is important to have a little chat about it. Some women often say that they don’t enjoy certain types of sex. I think women are more forward when it comes to sex, and less worried to talk about it. That is certainly true for the girls at London escorts. I know most of my colleagues are keen to tell their boyfriends about what they like in bed, and what sex positions they like to try. Remember that all lovers are different and you may meet someone who has some new exciting ideas. Unless they involve acrobatics, why don’t you give them a try.