Should you rely on Cosmo for sex tips?

The Cosmo magazine is one of the leading publications in the world, but should you rely on it for sex tips? Many of my friends at Kent escorts rely on Cosmo for sex tips, but I am not so sure that it is the right thing to do. Up until recently I have not really read the magazine, but recently I have started to take a bit of an interest in Cosmo. So many of my girlfriends seem to be hooked on Cosmo but I am not sure that they are telling the truth all of the time.

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The Cosmo magazine may give you the impression that it knows it all, but that is not true. Most of the staff who writes for the magazine are not qualified and half of the time they make stuff up. I can understand that the publication company needs to sell magazines, but do they need to resort to cheap and nasty journalism? I don’t think so at all, and I think that many of my friends at Kent escorts have been duped by the magazine.
Cosmo is not the only magazine that is guilty of this. Many other publications are guilty of the same thing, and I have to admit that it annoys me a bit that so many of the girls here at Kent escorts believe in these publication. When you read a lot of these so called women’s magazine, you fill mind that many of the articles are just junk. I used to like them, but I am now mainly staying away from them. You can actually find a similar article repeated in a cross section of publications and you should ask yourself what is going on here.
Most of the girls here at Kent escorts know enough about sex to be able to write some of these magazine articles themselves. I recently read an article about STDs in Cosmo. There were so many facts missing that it was incredible. If I had been the editor of that month’s Cosmo, I would have pulled the article. It did not read well at all, and I am sure that a lot of people found it cringe worthy. I found it seriously below par for what I paid for the magazine.
Is Cosmo all about free gifts? Taken a look a recent version of Cosmo, it looked more like the editors were interested in promoting free gifts. I know that one of the girls at Kent escorts only by the magazine because all of the free gifts. That is okay, and to be honest, you can get some good things in Cosmo. They promote a lot of brands and I have personally got some good stuff. To be fair, it is the only reason why I keep on picking up a copy of Cosmo. I like all of the free gifts. If it wasn’t for that, I don’t think that I would worry too much about buying a copy of the Cosmo magazine. Sexy and hot babes in Kent are truly wonderful.

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