Treats for Your Escorts

Do you like to buy treats for the escorts that you date? A lot of gents that I date at Debden escorts do like to buy me little treats. It is really nice and some gents really do buy us some nice treats. Only the other day, one of my gents bought me one of my favorite treats. It was a surprise but he must have looked in my bathroom cabinet, otherwise he would not have known what to buy me.

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So, what should you buy your escort girlfriend? I know that most of the girls here at Debden escorts like to receive body lotion. Yes, some gents do buy us perfume, but I personally think that body lotions are much more appreciated. When you are an escort, you certainly use a lot of body lotion and I think that it is one of the perfect gifts that you can buy your hot date at Debden escorts services.

I may be rather unique when it comes to the next gift, but I do really like to receive stockings. A couple of the gents that I date at Debden escorts travel abroad a lot and many of them manage to find some unique designs in stockings. That is what I really like. Mind you, I like all sort of lingerie that is a little bit different from the lingerie that you can find here in London. A gift of lingerie is also appreciated by the other girls here at the escort agency.

Are chocolates popular? To be honest, I know that many of the girls here at Debden escorts do like to receive chocolates as a gift. All girls that I have met half a sweet tooth and I would have to say that all girls like chocolates. Then again, you can some serious fun with chocolates and I like to play with chocolate. If you play carefully with chocolate, it does not melt and you can have still enjoy it. I love it and could fill my life with different chocolates.

So, if you are coming to see your favorite girl at Debden escorts, maybe you should bring her a little present. It does not have to be anything over the top at all, but anything which comes from the heart is welcome, and I think that most of the girls here at the agency feel the same way about that. If you are coming to see me, I would love some lingerie or a nice body lotion. If you are a really good boy, I will let you give me a nice little mini massage with the body lotion you just bought me. Would you like that? I hope that you do and I am sure that you will be able to enjoy ourselves after my little massage. But if you can think of a more exciting gift, I don’t have a problem with that at all. Could it be that you have something even more personal in mind… that would not be a problem for me at all if you know what I mean.